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You've started a small service-based business. You're in need of a professional website that clearly communicates your service offering to potential customers and inspires them to contact you.

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Startup Website Package

New Business Startup Package: $1600


Single-page website with up to 5 sections


Responsive so it views well on all devices


On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Contact or get a quote form


Basic copywriting


FAQ section


Links to social media


Google My Business setup


Email setup for 1 user with G Suite*


Automatic backups


SSL security certificate to ensure security


Optional extra: Logo design (+$500)

*Note, additional ongoing costs for things such as domain name purchase, yearly hosting and G Suite business emails apply. For a current break down of these costs, please read my FAQs further below.

Need additional pages or features not included in this package? Not a problem! When you book your free 45 minute consultation with us, just let us know what else you have in mind and we can provide you with an updated quote.

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This package is right for your business if...


You're a small service-provider business


You're ready to get online and get your offering out there so you can easily promote your services online


You want a custom designed website that doesn't cost the earth


You need a business email address set up so you can look professional to your customers


You want to focus on what you do best, and agree that learning to build your own website isn't how you want to use your precious time


You want to start small, but have the ability to expand as your business grows

If this sounds like you, book your free 45 minute consult with us to get things happening! We'll have a chat about your vision and goals for your business, which will help us to design a customised structure to ensure you get the results you want from your new website.

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Not sure? Have Questions?
Read our FAQs

How long does it take?

We'll aim to get your website completed in 4 weeks, from start to finish. we only schedule a small amount of websites per month to make sure we can dedicate enough time to your project. Of course, the timeline does depend a lot on how quickly you are able to respond at each stage with your feedback.

What's the process like?

The core of our process when working on your website is clear communication. We want to make sure we stay in touch and you're given regular points of contact throughout the project, where you'll take a look over the progress and give feedback or ask for changes. We'll never design your website right through to it's finished point without you ever seeing it.

The process starts with our initial consultation, and once we've learned all about your great business and your goals we'll put together a mock-up of your new website and send it to you for feedback. We'll make any adjustments to the design, layout and content, and come back to you with an updated mock-up. When that's finalised, we'll build a working link of your website for you to review, make any final adjustments and then we'll go LIVE! We'll set up your business email and send you the login details and instructions to help you get started. Then you'll be good to go and ready to get word out about your services online. It's that simple :)

How do I pay you?

Once we've discussed your website and have agreed on the terms in our contract, there will be a 50% deposit required so we can schedule your project in and get to work on your website. The remaining 50% needs to be paid before making your site live or within 30 days of commencement, whichever comes first.

In the instance that you've decided you'd like to get your website sorted with us, but not for a few months or so, we can schedule this in advance, no problem. We will need a 25% deposit to secure your spot ahead of time.

We can take payments through credit card via Stripe, or by direct bank deposit into our New Zealand bank account.

What will you use to build my website?

We work 100% with Webflow.

In our opinion, Webflow is the best website builder out there. It bridges the gap between designer and developer, allowing us to design unique, interactive and flexible websites that aren't subject to template limitations. That, coupled with super-fast hosting and clean code output means we can offer you a beautifully custom designed and well-functioning website at a cost that won't break your bank account! Gone are the days of needing to hire separate designers, developers and copywriters - we can do it all for you with Webflow as our not-so-secret tool, and build your website exactly the way you want it.

Are there any other costs associated with having my website?

There are three primary ongoing costs:

Domain name: Check out to see how much your domain name is going for and what extensions are available. We're happy to purchase your domain on your behalf and manage it from our end if you prefer, just let us know in our consultation meeting.
Annual cost, on average $15-30NZD per domain name.

Hosting: This is like renting a piece of digital real estate. It's where your website lives and allows the search engine robots to find and display your site. Your website will be hosted through Webflow and powered by Amazon Cloudfront, which boasts fast page loads for your site and 99.99% uptime, wherever in the world it's viewed from.
$15USD per month for basic hosting or $20USD per month for CMS hosting (see next question for further information on CMS hosting).

Email: While not actually necessary for your website to run, having a business email address like '' looks professional and helps to build trust with your customers. We use and recommend Google's G Suite for Business for the email address included in this package. Once we've set you up with the free 14 day trial, it will be billed directly to you every month once the trial ends.
Monthly cost, $6USD per user.

Once it's live, can I make edits to my website?

There are two options and the choice is completely up to you.

Option one: You decide you don't need to edit your website as the content on your single page won't need to change frequently. Your hosting is cheaper than option two because of this. Any minor changes such as image and text updates can be made by us as/when required, just let me know what you'd like changed and I'll tell you the cost (if any) before going ahead.

Option two: You decide that you do need to edit your single page frequently as you have a section that you want to update every month (such as a promotional offer or deal). To do this we'll need to enable the Webflow CMS Editor for your site, which does increase the cost of your hosting (see previous question). The editor is super easy to use, allowing you to update text, change images and make other basic tweaks. However if you decide you want to do more advanced editing, such as adding additional pages or new sections to an existing page yourself, then we can transfer your site to your own Webflow account at no cost to you.

Why is the website included in this package only a single page?

The reason this package includes a single page website is because in our experience, new and/or small businesses sometimes think that they need a website with multiple pages, but actually really only require one page to explain their offering and clearly get their message across.

We've also found that website projects tend to stall at the content gathering stage, simply because business owners are so tied down with running their business that they don't have time to put the words together. Single page sites keep the word count down, which helps you to define your core message and make it really clear for your audience. That's also why we've included copywriting as part of this package - we want to help get things happening for you, quickly.

What if I need additional pages or features not included in this package?

Not a problem! When you book your free 45 minute consultation with us, just let us know what else you have in mind and we can provide you with an updated customised quote.

What if my business grows and I need a larger website later on?

Because we'll create your website using Webflow, your site will be completely scalable. A single page website is a great place to begin when you're just starting out, but as your business grows and expands you may want to have additional pages or even a blog added. We can update and add to your site whenever you need, without throwing the single page 'baby' out with the bathwater, so to speak. When that time comes for you, let us know and we'll provide you with a quote to make your required changes.

Why do you call yourselves Web Design Guides?

Web Design Guide (WDG) describes the way we work collaboratively with you right from the start to ensure that your intentions and message for your website are at the core of what we create. This makes your experience working with us more seamless, efficient and meaningful. You'll receive a website that's custom-designed to help you get the results you want, getting your business started off on the right foot from the very beginning.

Where in the world are you based?

We live in Napier, Hawke's Bay in New Zealand. The wonderful thing about operating in an online space is that whether you're located right next door or on the other side of the world, it doesn't matter. Book a free 45 minute consultation with us using the button below, and we'll email you some questions and a link to our calendar so we can schedule a time to chat that works for both of us.

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